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Ivan: THE Ivan by level-13 Ivan: THE Ivan by level-13

Has arrived.

Even if he got into the country in the most unorthodox manner - Ivan couldn't care less. He was there and now he would spread his murderous black wings, enshadowing any and all that dare cross his path.

Crime is a dirty business and it is getting dirtier every day. People need to start being more creative; or at least that is Ivan's opinion on the matter - and Ivan is most definitely very, very creative. After all... he has a trump card that no other crime boss has. He has a bigger plan that all of them put together. Oh yes... and the time would come soon enough. Soon enough...

The first picture of Ivan I've ever put up. The reason why he is THE Ivan, is because I have two other Russians with 'Ivan' in their names as well. All together they are usually just referred to as the 'Ivans' - even if this Ivan is the only one whose name is ACTUALLY Ivan. Sergei (Ivanov) is out for a face up however and he is the Little Ivan. The Big Ivan is Yevgeniy and he will soon be ordered from Spiritdoll~

Either way, THIS Ivan is the leader and thus why he is THE Ivan. ^_^

Tools: Photoshop CS5, Nikon D300 (borrowed)
Ivan Demidov: K-Doll Kael / JDF boy
Photography & Character: *level-13
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February 2, 2012
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